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Tag useActionBean

Puts the ActionBean with the specified binding into page context under the supplied name. If the ActionBean does not already exist, it will be instantiated and binding will be run to bind values from the HttpServletRequest onto the ActionBean. Validation will not be run, and any error messages produced from the binding/type conversion process will be discarded. The ActionBean will then be placed in request scope, just as done by the DispatcherServlet.

If the ActionBean did not previously exist, and an event is specified, the event handler will be executed on the ActionBean. If the ActionBean already existed, supplying the event attribute has no effect.

Lastly, if the var or id attribute is supplied (they are synonymous and only one should be supplied) the ActionBean is bound in to page context using the name supplied. This is true in all cases, regardless of whether the ActionBean is newly instantiated, or pre-existing. This allows the tag to be used to provide an easier name for the ActionBean than referring to it by binding.

Tag Information
Tag Classnet.sourceforge.stripes.tag.UseActionBeanTag
TagExtraInfo Classnet.sourceforge.stripes.tag.UseActionBeanTagExtraInfo
Body Contentempty
Display NameuseActionBean

bindingfalsetruejava.lang.String The URL to which the action bean is bound, as specified in the @UrlBinding for the ActionBean in question. Required if 'beanclass' is not specified.
beanclassfalsetruejava.lang.Object Either the fully qualified name or a Class object representing an ActionBean class. Can be used as an alternative to 'binding' to identify the type of ActionBean that should be resolved and/or instantiated.
eventfalsetruejava.lang.String The (optional) name of an event to execute. If no event is provided, the ActionBean is instantiated and bound, but no event is executed. To execute the default event handler you must give it a name in the ActionBean and name it here.
validatefalsetrueboolean Determines whether validation is run on this ActionBean. False by default.
alwaysExecuteEventfalsetrueboolean Determines if the event handler method will be run in the case that the ActionBean is already present when the useActionBean is executed. By default Stripes does not execute the event handler method if the bean is not instantiated by the tag.
executeResolutionfalsetrueboolean Determines if the Resolution should be executed if the ActionBean or an interceptor returns one. False by default.
varfalsetruejava.lang.String The (optional) name of an attribute to bind the bean to in page context.
idfalsetruejava.lang.String Synonym for var.

No Variables Defined.

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